Parking used to be so easy…

Up until the beginning of 2019 Green P parking was so convenient right beside our office. Sadly the parking building is being demolished and construction will soon begin on a residential and retail development….and future parking.

Until then, the following is a list of indoor parking facilities near the office:

Manulife Centre Impark: Enter at 44 Charles Street West. Free parking for 2 hours if you validate (see below). Over 1000 spaces. $10.50 per hour to a maximum of $20.00. If entering before 8 am $15.00 per day. Parking validation for 2 hours is available at the Customer Service Desk on the Concourse Level. Present your parking stub during customer service hours with proof of a $25 purchase from a single — or combination of many Manulife Centre stores. (Grocery, drug store, LCBO, Indigo etc).
• Regular parking charges apply after two-hour validation time expires.

• Parking ticket is required to apply the validation.

In bad weather you can walk through the concourse almost all the way to the dental office.

Panasonic Theatre Parking - 30 Charles Street West. $2.65 per half hour. $10.62 full day. Cash pay-on-entry. In bad weather duck into the Manlife Centre and walk through the concourse.

The Colonnade Parkade - 131 Bloor Street West. $4.00 / 30 minutes or $16.00 in after 8am out by 6pm.

Impart Lot 295 - 100 Bloor Street West. $14/two hours to a maximum of $23/day. Earlybird $18/day if in before 9 am.

Green P Municipal Carpark 215. 74 Yorkville Avenue. $14/two hours. $22.00 daily maximum.

162 Cumberland Street Parkade. Across from Nespresso Boutique Coffee Bar. Great, quiet spot to relax if eating for someone having treatment. $21 / day.

44 Joseph Street/1033 Bay street. $5/two hours and only $13 daily maximum. BUT 7 minute walk north on Bay Street, about 4 blocks, to my office.

Citypark 148 Cumberland St. $25/day