If you or your child need help with your teeth and feel that training and experience contribute to clinical excellence and safety, you or your child may wish to become a patient of my practice. I'll be happy to help you whether you have been referred to me by a dentist, specialist or friend and also if you've simply searched on your own to get here.

If you have been avoiding the dentist, know you need a lot of treatment, or your child has extensive needs I can help. As a Certified Specialist in Dental Anesthesia (a dental specialist who can put you to sleep for any dental treatment) I would like to help you regain your dignity and health while keeping your or your child from unpleasantness.

Patients and colleagues feel my reputation includes one of providing excellent clinical dentistry; caring, safe general anesthesia and sedation; with respect for for what is individually best for each patient. Call or email when you are ready for a consultation. Click below to see ways I could help.

Ways I May Help You